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    Create a safer work place by eliminating nasty chemicals...

    Chances are your food service operation contains products with one of the symbols in the below table. The risks that these products pose to personal safety are high.  Eliminating them should be a priority for your food service operation.


    Corrosives DG Class 8

    Flammable Liquid DG Class 3

    Common cleaners used in food service include:

    • Machine dishwash detergent
    • Floor cleaners
    • Some descaling agents

    Common cleaners used in food service include:

    • Methylated Spirits
    • Some glass and chrome cleaners
    • Some air fresheners 



















    •  All TREO products are non-hazardous according to Work Safe Australia standards. By eliminating nasty chemicals from your work place you greatly reduce the risk of chemical injury and any associated costs.
    1.  TREO Bio Safe offers you a truly safe machine dishwash detergent alternative. It is the only non caustic available on the Australian market with a pH below 10.5. Other dishwash detergent products contain caustics or have a pH level of 10.5 or above.
    • Unlike corrosive or hazardous products, TREO products can be stored conveniently close to work areas with no risk to your staff or property.

    Treo products are all concentrates or super concentrates. This has a number of safety benefits including:

    • Reducing heavy lifting (no product heavier than 8kg, and most packed in 5ltr bottles). There's no need to lift heavy drums. Why use 20 litre drums like this...

    20ltr drums stored on the floor


    When a 5 litre of TREO contains the same amount of active chemical...



    • Health regulations recommend that chemicals be stored off the floor to aid cleaning and to reduce trip and spill hazards. This is easily achieved with TREO as most products are housed in wire cages attached to the wall.



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