"Using TREO products has saved us at least an hour per week descaling our dishwashers... with TREO we have had no scale in our dishwashers." 

Michael Tickner
St Ursula's College, Toowoomba.
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"We have been using Kenco's TREO range for over 4 years. Great products and excellent value."

Ricardo Dawson
Breeze Cafe, Prince Charles Hospital.

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Obligation free onsite cleaning chemical review and report valued at $165 - includes dishwasher efficiency review. 
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    Is poor service costing you?

    Are you sick of chemical companies providing poor service? Sick of them not showing up so your dishwasher goes without the attention it needs. When they do show up do they really contribute anything useful to your business? Most do very little other than talk about the footy or the weekend. They are wasting your time and at the end of the day money. 

    Then there’s our pet hate… Sales Reps masquerading as service staff, telling you they know what they are doing but rarely do.

    Our service standards are about getting results for you...

    First and foremost we provide you with a regular agreed service call performed by service professionals concerned with one thing.  Ensuring that you get consistent results by making sure our products and dispensing systems are working to their optimum.

    Our service staff are not Sales Reps, who generally know very little about servicing, but are more worried about pushing product on you to meet their end of month budget.

    At this call we actually review how the system is working against stated outcome standards in our 23 point check list.  We put dirty dishes through the wash cycle to check the results. We review things like they speedy dry time of plates; presentation of washed product; are the floors being well maintained and slip resistant; is the dishwasher missing parts that will affect its performance.

    In our report back to you we will provide useful comments on improvements that can be made, whether it be repairs that may be required; guidance on the correct use of cleaning chemicals; or tips on better cleaning techniques. Click here to learn more about our service standards.

    To find out how Kenco’s TREO package can save you time and money by providing you with exceptional service just enter your name, email address and phone number below. Please contact me at:


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    Or you can contact Kenco directly on 1300 1300 34.  Our phones are attended 8:30am to 4pm Monday to Friday, and have after hours message bank is available.

    If you have a question why not e-mail us at sales@treo.com.au .

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