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Fixed price chemical and service packages from as little as $10.85 per day. We will save you at least 10% off your cleaning chemical costs. That's our guarantee. 
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"Using TREO has saved us about 15% off our chemical costs..."

Paul Clarkson,
Indooroopilly Golf Club 
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"Using TREO products has saved us at least an hour per week descaling our dishwashers... with TREO we have had no scale in our dishwashers." 

Michael Tickner
St Ursula's College, Toowoomba.
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Obligation free onsite cleaning chemical review and report valued at $165 - includes dishwasher efficiency review. 
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    How scale in your commercial dishwasher is reducing your machine’s performance and costing you money...

    And the only system that can give you a truly scale free dishwasher in all conditions. 

    The Problem 

    Hard water scale, we all know it’s unsightly and can be a pain to remove. For many the amount of wasted staff hours and wages trying to keep their dishwasher scale free is frightening. Sometimes it seems easier to give up, but if left unchecked it gets out of hand.

    The costs of scale:

    • You will be either paying for descaling liquid and doing the clean yourself or your chemical company will be sending a staff member out to do the descale for you. Both are costing you money. Don’t be fooled by chemical companies that tell you that they descale your dishwasher for free. It’s not free. You are paying indirectly through the costs of the products you purchase from them.
    • As scale builds up in your dishwasher and gathers around heating elements it is reducing the efficiency at which the water in your machine is heated. This is costing you indirectly in electricity bills. You could be paying up to an estimated 35% more than you need to for heating your water. If your heating element looks like the one below you are wasting money. 


    Scale on heating elements - reducing energy efficiency.


    • Again scale build up causes a problem here. This client’s plates were taking ages to dry, and when they eventually did they had water stains all over them. The scale build up in the rinse jets had completely closed over some of the holes it was that bad. The plates simply were not getting rinsed properly. This was costing the client considerable time in waiting for plates to dry and even hand drying in busy times.


    Scale build up closes over rinse jets dramatically reducing performance.

    • Scale build up on the detergent probe in the dishwasher tank will result in inaccurate readings. This often causes overuse of detergent. The overuse is often gradual and not easily detected, but can cost you big money. 

    But there is a system that can give you a truly scale free commercial dishwasher in all conditions...

    TREO guarantees a scale free dishwasher. TREO’s Bio Safe product does not contain caustic, which is not only dangerous, but a major contributor to the formation of scale in dishwashers. 

    TREO's ability to keep your dishwasher scale free is proven even in areas worst affected by hard water such as Toowoomba and Bribie Island. We are not aware of any other product on the market in Australia can offer you this benefit to the extent that TREO can. Others may claim to, but quite frankly they are nowhere near as effective.

    Maintaining a scale free dishwasher is critical for energy savings, and efficient cleaning results. To discuss how we can help you eliminate scale from your dishwasher forever...

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