"TREO is safer for our staff and the environment"

Glenn Jones,
CT's Catering 
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    TREO offers you environmentally sustainable solutions…

    Are you aware that many traditional cleaning chemicals used in our kitchens and dishwashers include nasty ingredients such as phosphates, corrosives, chlorine, carcinogenic preservatives, hydrocarbons and enzymes?  If for example you have a look at the detergent drum on your dishwasher, chances are it will contain Potassium Hydroxide and Sodium Hydroxide. Look for this symbol:

    TREO has been developed without these harmful and environmentally unfriendly ingredients. 
    In fact TREO formulations contain:

    1. No phosphates
    2. No halogens (chlorines)
    3. No poisons
    4. No carcinogenic preservatives
    5. No hydrocarbons
    6. No flammables
    7. No enzymes 
    8. No toxic compounds

    Some more facts about the TREO range:

    • Ingredients used to formulate the TREO product range are between 96-100% organic and a minimum of 90% of all the raw materials are sourced from renewable resources.
    • Being concentrated, TREO products dramatically reduce packaging and landfill waste. A standard 20 litre chemical drum uses 1 kg of plastic, while TREO’s 5 litre bottle uses just 200 grams.  Switching to TREO will also reduce the volume of packaging to landfill waste by approximately 90%.
    • All plastic packaging is recyclable.
    • Using a chemical brand without caustic ingredients and mineral salts also has an added benefit – dishwashing machines will be scale-free and generally much cleaner.

    You can be assured that by choosing the TREO range, you’re making a difference to the environment at all levels.


    The TREO product range complies with OECD 301 A-E standard for biodegradability.  This Standard is recognised as the toughest in the world.

    TREO is an excellent option for those conscious of protecting our valuable water supply and the environment. 


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