"Using TREO has saved us about 15% off our chemical costs..."

Paul Clarkson,
Indooroopilly Golf Club 
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"It's just one less thing I have to worry about. One monthly invoice for all our chemical needs."

Glenn Jones
CT's Catering
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"I get one invoice and one price per month to follow... It saves me time and hassles." 

Michael Tickner
St Ursula's College, Toowoomba.
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Obligation free onsite cleaning chemical review and report valued at $165 - includes dishwasher efficiency review. 
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    Cut and control your costs with TREO…

    So you are sick of spending too much on cleaning chemicals and servicing, not knowing from month to month what your costs will be. You’re not sure why you need so many products to do simple jobs.  You’re looking for a better way, a way that will save you money and give you back hard earned profits.

    Here’s just a few of the ways the TREO range can help you achieve this…

    • Our monthly fixed fee packages provide you with a guaranteed monthly cost for an agreed schedule of core products. It works in a similar way to a mobile phone or internet plan. But we are a little more flexible, and there are no binding contracts. We help keep your costs down by monitoring product usage back to an agreed monthly par level. This helps ensures that you don’t have money tied up in stock that you may not need for months. Plus we guarantee that our system can save you at least 10-15% on your current chemical and servicing costs. Find out more about our fixed fee packages in How We Work.
    • We can help you eliminate unnecessary products – only use the products you need to get the job done. We see it all the time, clients with 3 different floor cleaners essentially doing the same thing; purchasing descaler to clean their dishwasher; using bleach to clean their floors. Their storage cupboards are stacked to the rafters with products they don’t need. Products that are costing them money. The TREO range simplifies cleaning so you use a minimum number of products to achieve excellent results.

      Listen to how we have helped CT's

      Glenn Jones,
      CT's Catering 
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    • We ensure that dispensing equipment is running correctly and you are getting excellent results.  You should be aware that overuse due to faulty equipment or programming is not always obvious – losses can be gradual but mount up over time – you simply have no way of knowing. That’s why it is important that your equipment is serviced regularly and by a company that that has it in their best interests to eliminate overuse. Most other companies view gradual overuse as a good thing, it means more profit for them. We do things differently. As part of our fixed fee package it is in our best interests to regularly service your equipment as we pay for the overuse caused by incorrect dosing not you. This is another cost risk eliminated for you.
    • Have you wondered what are you actually getting for your money? Are you paying over the top for a drum essentially made up of water or fillers?

      Our products are concentrates or super concentrates. You don’t pay unnecessarily for fillers and water. You get highly active cleaning products not lolly water. If you are currently buying 15 to 25 litre drums chances are you are paying a lot to simply transport water. Most of these products contain 75-90% water, and powdered products contain around 90% fillers.
    • TREO's safer options also contribute to reducing OH&S costs. TREO offers high performing alternatives to traditional dangerous products like caustic (used in machine dishwash detergent), and solvents (floor cleaners). These products are often the cause of nasty workplace accidents which can cost you greatly. TREO provides a truly non hazardous alternative.
    • Chemical company rep ordering product for you? Some see a time saving benefit – but in reality how long does it take to do a quick check and send a fax or e-mail? Less than 10 minutes per month? The downside of a rep doing your ordering is often you end up with much more product than you really need. You know the story, “…I’ll just send you an extra one of these to keep you going”. Most of the time you don’t need it. Sending you extra product only aids the chemical company’s budget not your’s. The number of times we have seen piles and piles of unneeded chemicals, things like rinse aid; spray and wipe; sanitiser; window cleaner; it just doesn’t make sense.

      Sure some of the products will be used up over time, but in the meantime it is putting an unnecessary strain on your budget, and wasting valuable storage space. And the worst case scenario if it is not monitored the stock just keeps building up. 

      Our system puts the onus back on us
      . It’s not in our best interests to over stock you as you pay the same each month no matter what. Likewise it’s not in our interests to under supply as at the end of the day we want happy long term clients, not ones that feel like they are not getting value. Afterall not providing clients with value is a sure fire way to lose them, we know as a lot of our new clients come to us because they are not getting value from their current supplier.
    • Reduced packaging disposal costs - our 5ltr concentrates have equal to or greater active ingredients than most other companies’ 20 or 25ltr products. This helps reduce plastic packaging disposal by up to 80%, and all packaging is recyclable.
    • Helps reduce maintenance costs due to proactive service system and high quality products.
    • Reduce your admin costs – you only get one invoice for cleaning chemicals to process per month. Monitoring of individual product prices costs you time. Here’s your chace to eliminate this procedure for your cleaning chemical products.
    • Reduces labour costs by improving cleaning systems

    If you are ready to discuss how Kenco's TREO package can save you time and money, phone us on 1300 1300 34. Or if you have a question for us, e-mail us at sales@treo.com.au . 

    For further details on cost savings see our TREO of cost saving guarantees.

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