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Fixed price chemical and service packages from as little as $10.85 per day. We will save you at least 10% off your cleaning chemical costs. That's our guarantee. 
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"Using TREO has saved us about 15% off our chemical costs..."

Paul Clarkson,
Indooroopilly Golf Club 
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"We have been using Kenco's TREO range for over 4 years. Great products and excellent value."

Ricardo Dawson
Breeze Cafe, Prince Charles Hospital.

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Obligation free onsite cleaning chemical review and report valued at $165 - includes dishwasher efficiency review. 
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    Chemical Cleaners

    The TREO range is designed to give you the best value and performance on the market. As such we do things a little differently than most other suppliers. We spend the time with you to assess your needs and develop a tailored product and service package. We are not in the business of simply selling you drums of chemical.

    We also aid your budget control by negotiating an agreed monthly fee for these products and services. So you know each month how much you will spend. On top of that we are so confident that our packages represent great value that we provide you with our money back guarantees.

    Click here to view the products in the range. Or read on for further details on how Treo can assist you.
    In summary the Treo product range offers you:

    Some of the important benefits that Treo offers you:

      • No scale in your dishwasher
      • Plates and glassware dry streak and spot-free within 20-30 seconds
      • Effective removal of stains from coffee and tea cups – provided they are not left to stand for lengthy periods prior to washing
      • Non-hazardous products in accordance with Worksafe Australia
      • No alkaline films
      • Slip resistant floors
      • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
      • All products are concentrates, with high use products like dishwasher chemical and floor cleaners in super concentrated formulas
      • Saving you storage, time and Health & Safety heavy lifting concerns
      • All our products come with a money back guarantee

    Machine Dishwashing
    Product Description Uses/Features/Benefits Pack Size
    Bio Safe Detergent and Rinse Aid

    Machine dishwashing detergent system

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    Like no other system on market, TREO Bio Safe guarantees a truly scale free dishwasher. Bio Safe is the only non-caustic machine dishwashing detergent on the market. The safe alternative.  5ltr
    Smart, Sheer and Bright

    Machine dishwashing detergent for conveyor and flight dishwashers

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    Extremely cost effective three part detergent, water conditioning and rise additive system specifically designed for the needs of large conveyor and flight dishwashers. No streaks, spots or water films on crockery.  Offers the same advantages as Bio Safe  - prevents scale forming in dishwasher and is a truly safe product.  5ltr
    Beer Glass Washing
    Product  Description  Uses/Features/Benefits Pack Size

    Concentrated bar glass washing detergent

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    A highly cost effective concentrated liquid detergent for manual and machine dishwashing of bar glassware. Sparkling streak free results. Removes lipstick and fruit pips with ease.   5ltr
     Floor and General Purpose Cleaners   
     Product Description Uses/Features/Benefits  Pack Size

    Concentrated multi purpose heavy duty cleaner and degreaser for floors

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    Ideal for cleaning grease and oil from kitchen floors. Very cost effective. Extremely fast rinsing. Non perfumed for use in food service areas. Safe on all hard surfaces except for polished wood.  5ltr
    Spray and Wipe

    Concentrated general purpose spray and wipe cleaner for hard surfaces

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    Huge range of applications across all industries. Exceptional grease cutting capacity in kitchens. Also very effective on body fats and soap scum.  5ltr

    Disinfectant, cleaner and deodoriser

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    Versatile three-in-one product cleans, disinfects and medium level deodoriser.  Strong germ cleaner. Reduces the number of products you need to keep on hand.  5ltr

    Disinfectant, cleaner and deodoriser

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    Versatile three-in-one product cleans, disinfects and medium level deodoriser alternative to Lemongrass. Pleasant floral fragrance.  5ltr
     Sink detergents, pot and pan washing   
     Product Description  Uses/Features/Benefits Pack Size
    Pump Eze

    Concentrated liquid detergent for manual sink washing in kitchens and bars

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    Safe, non-streaking cleaner with low allergenic properties and no perfume. Safe on all surfaces.  Excellent grease cutting properties  5ltr

    Super concentrated, powerful liquid detergent for manual sink washing in kitchens and bars

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    Exceptional grease cutting action for fast results on even the dirtiest trays and pans. Highly concentrated. Safe, non streaking cleaner with low allergenic properties and no perfume.  5ltr
     Product Description Uses/Features/Benefits  Pack Size 


    Concentrated oxygen bleach powder

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    Great for removing stubborn stains and breaking down dried on food particles. Free rinsing, fast solubility and no residue.


     Glass and mirror cleaners   
     Product Description  Uses/Features/Benefits  Pack Size 

    Concentrated glass, chrome and mirror cleaner

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     Non streaking. Removes greasy finger prints with ease. Comes in concentrated form unlike other products on market.  5ltr
     Product Description  Uses/Features/Benefits  Pack Size

    Concentrated no rinse sanitiser

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    Designed as final sanitiser for food service areas. An essential product for HACCP and food safety. Does not contain perfumes so will not taint food.  5ltr
     Bathroom Cleaners   
    Product Description Uses/Features/Benefits Pack Size

    Concentrated bathroom cleaner

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    Bathroom and shower cleaning product designed for everyday use. Cleans shower screens, tiles, porcelain sinks and toilets, stainless steel and chrome.  5ltr
    Hand Cleaners   
    Product Description Uses/Features/Benefits Pack Size

    Concentrated foaming hand soap

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    Foaming hand soap designed with the food service industry in mind. Highly efficient with over 8000 washes in one 5 litre bottle.  5ltr
    Room Deodoriser
    Product Description Uses/Features/Benefits Pack Size
    Fresh Air

    Concentrated room deodoriser

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    Long lasting air freshener. Small non spotting droplets. Not over powering or aggressive to nose.  Effective against the strongest of odours including tobacco.  5ltr


    Supporting Chemical Products

    The following products do not total comply with TREO standards (concentrated, non-hazardous, biodegradable), but are currently a necessary extension to the TREO offering in order to provide a comprehensive package to all areas of your food service business. We are continually researching better alternatives.


    Suporting Products
    Product Description Uses/Features/Benefits Pack Size
    Heritage Gorilla

    Non-caustic oven and grill cleaner

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    Gorilla is an effective oven and grill cleaner, but is not as harsh as traditional caustic products. Product classified hazardous but not caustic.
    Not a concentrate.

    Heritage Laundry  Powder

    Machine laundry powder

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    High concentrate everyday laundry powder. Ideal for warm and hot water washing.
    Product contains phosphates?

    Heritage Savage

    Mould destroyer for bathrooms

    Download PDF View PDF>>

    Powerful mould destroyer for remedial cleaning of mould affected areas in bathrooms.
    Product is considered hazardous. Not a concentrate.

    Heritage Blox

    Urinal deodorant blocks

    Download PDF View PDF>>

    Strong odour suppressant for use in urinals.
    Product is considered hazardous.

    Complete Beerline Cleaner

    Download PDF View PDF>>

    One part beerline cleaner. Coloured product for ease of identification in the beerline.




    Our pricing structure works a little differently from others. As we provide you with a tailored package of products and services at an agreed monthly fee we do not display prices on our site. To arrange a meeting to discuss your package contact us at 1300 1300 34 or .


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