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Fixed price chemical and service packages from as little as $10.85 per day. We will save you at least 10% off your cleaning chemical costs. That's our guarantee. 
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"Using TREO has saved us about 15% off our chemical costs..."

Paul Clarkson,
Indooroopilly Golf Club 
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"It's just one less thing I have to worry about. One monthly invoice for all our chemical needs."

Glenn Jones
CT's Catering
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    Are you making smart choices with your kitchen cleaning chemicals? It could be costing you more than you think.

    There is a better choice! The unique TREO system can save you money, give you improved results and is safe for your workplace, and the environment.

    If you are in the food service industry in Queensland you need to talk to us now.

    1. How can I take control of my chemical costs?

    • Cap your costs each month with our fixed price chemical and service packages. We guarantee we can save you 10-15% off your kitchen cleaning bills. If we can’t we will tell you.
    • Don’t tie up your money in stock that is not needed.
    • Fix your costs - one convenient monthly invoice for all of your chemical needs. Great for budgeting.
    • Sick of chemical companies providing poor service - wasting your time and money. We provide exceptional service aimed at  delivering you results.
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    2. Am I losing time and money due to poor performing products?

    • Using inferior products that scale your dishwasher? Staff spending hours descaling? Scale costs your business money and time. TREO products totally prevent scale from forming.

    Scaled dishwasher interior.

    Same dishwasher scale free after 3 months using the TREO system.

    • Achieve time savings and avoid frustration with TREO – less rewashing from your dishwasher, slip resistant floors, no water marks on crockery and glassware.
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    3. How can I eliminate dangerous chemicals to make a safer workplace?

    • All TREO products are non-hazardous according to Worksafe Australia standards. Put simply means your workplace is safer as using TREO greatly reduces your exposure to nasty chemicals.
    • 99.9% of dishwasher products contain harmful corrosives. Chances are you’re using one. Our non-caustic Bio Safe dishwasher detergent is unique in that it is non-corrosive and biodegradable. Safer for you and for the environment.
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    4. How can I get products that environmentally friendly, but work well?

    • TREO is environmentally sustainable – all products are biodegradable and are manufactured from 95% renewable resources.
    • Reduces waste packaging to land fill by up to 90%.
    • Our super concentrates mean less to store, easier to carry, no bulky drums on the floor.
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    Buying a New Dishwasher?
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