Chemical Packages


Fixed price chemical and service packages from as little as $10.85 per day. We will save you at least 10% off your cleaning chemical costs. That's our guarantee. 
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"Using TREO has saved us about 15% off our chemical costs..."

Paul Clarkson,
Indooroopilly Golf Club 
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"Using TREO products has saved us at least an hour per week descaling our dishwashers... with TREO we have had no scale in our dishwashers." 

Michael Tickner
St Ursula's College, Toowoomba.
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"It's just one less thing I have to worry about. One monthly invoice for all our chemical needs."

Glenn Jones
CT's Catering
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Free Report Offer

Obligation free onsite cleaning chemical review and report valued at $165 - includes dishwasher efficiency review. 
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    How much does a package cost? And what’s included?

    We know that all businesses are different so we tailor a package to suit your needs.  Package prices will vary from client to client.  Full TREO packages start from $330 (including GST) per month and include supply of chemicals, dispensing equipment and a regular service call by a trained service professional, not a sales rep.

    As a guide, a site that does approximately $12,500 per week in food turnover would be suited to a $330 package.

    Read more about package inclusions.

    I’m a smaller site and can’t justify $330 per month can I still buy chemicals from you?

    Yes of course. Part packages are available which can be tailored to your requirements. For instance you might need a less frequent service call or have your own dispenser - these things will reduce your fee. 

    Can I rent a dishwasher chemical dispenser?

    Yes dispensers can be rented for a monthly fee. Dishwasher detergent dispensers start from $45 per month (conditions apply). This is often a good option for smaller sites. Or you can take a package which includes the rental of your dispensing equipment. 

    So why a fixed fee arrangement?

    There are several important reasons:

    i) Clients wanted a guaranteed saving - our fixed fee system provides this.  It works by reviewing your  previous costs and looking for areas to reduce unnecessary usage. By reviewing these things we are confident that we can save you at least 10-15% on your current chemical costs. In addition the fixed fee eliminates cost risk for the client by dealing with things like unintentional misuse of products or faulty dispensing equipment. 

    ii) Clients were asking for a package that gave them budgeting certainty.

    iii) As many of the products in our range are concentrates with a usage span of several months we wanted a way to spread the cost out for our clients so they pay only for the portion of the product they use within the month. 

    Is there a limit to the amount of product I can order?

    Yes there is a limit to how much you can order at any one time. We set an agreed par level with you designed to provide you with enough stock to last a full month. By helping manage your stock effectively you win by not having money tied up in stock you may not need for months. 

    What about busy months when I need more product?

    Our system is simple and if followed will ensure that you do not run out of product. We suggest that you place a monthly order up to your par level. Then do a top up order if needed later in the month.

    But how do I know how much to order?

    Simple – do a stock count, take that away from your par level on your personalised order form to give you your order quantity. This should be enough stock to last you a full month. However if you experience a busy month simply place a top up order later in the month.

    I like to keep a few month’s stock on hand so I don’t run out.

    Remember we help reduce your costs and free up capital by providing you with a system that helps manage your stock more efficiently. By simply checking your stock twice a month you will not run out.

    Is there any paperwork?

    Yes, but only a small amount. We hate paperwork as much as you do. Up front we ask that you sign a supply agreement simply to formalise what we have discussed and agreed upon. We must stress that this is not a legally binding contract.

    On going you simply need to fill out your month order including a stock on hand count.

    What happens if my business fluctuates? How does this affect my monthly fee?

    We don’t adjust contracts from month to month. But if a pattern of increased or decreased use emerges we will review the situation with you. Our dispensing equipment has the ability to count the number of racks to aid in assessing any changes in use. Just like a counter on a photocopier.

    Under normal circumstances we review your package with you on a six monthly basis.

    You’ve only sent me a 5 litre bottle. I’m worried that won’t be enough as I used to get a 20 litre drum from my old supplier.

    Please remember that our products are all concentrates. The high use products like floor cleaner and machine dishwasher detergent are super concentrates.

    Most of our 5 litre products have the same or more active ingredient as our opposition’s 20 or 25 litre products.

    What happens if one of my staff uses the concentrate incorrectly causing over use. Do I get charged for this?

    Part of the benefit for you the client is that we take on the risk of overuse due to mistaken misuse. However a fair use policy applies. Initially we will investigate any suspected overuse with you and look at a plan to prevent the problem reoccurring. If after this the overuse continues due to misuse charges for stock used in addition to your monthly par level will apply. It is rare that we have had to charge a client for overuse in the 5 years this system has been running.

    You say your products are concentrates. I’m worried that concentrates are dangerous.

    Don’t be. All TREO products are non-hazardous even in their concentrated form. Of course care must be taken with all chemicals. It is not advised to ingest or to come in contact with either neat or diluted chemical products. Whilst the product may be non-hazardous always read the safety instructions on the bottle.

    How do I place orders?

    The most convenient way is via our online ordering system. When you become a TREO customer you will be given a log on to our client area.

    Orders can also be e-mailed or faxed. You will be given a personalised order form with your monthly par stock levels.


    Still have questions?

    If you still have questions please feel free to call us on 1300 1300 34 or e-mail us at



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