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Fixed price chemical and service packages from as little as $10.85 per day. We will save you at least 10% off your cleaning chemical costs. That's our guarantee. 
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    Glenn Jones, Director
    CT's Cafe & Bistro, and CT's Catering , Brisbane

    Glenn Jones,
    CT's Catering 
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     Here's just some of the things Glenn has to say about the TREO system:

    "The performance of the TREO products is exceptional in comparison to the last product we used."

    "...we know exactly how much we are going to be up for each month. For budgeting purposes that is very good."

    "With TREO we have been able to reduce the amount of product and the number of products needed to get the job done. It has really streamlined the way we manage our chemicals."







    Paul Clarkson, Executive Chef
    Indooroopilly Golf Club


    We started using the TREO chemical system from Kenco in September 2008, and recommend it highly.

    We had a big issue with our dishwasher scaling up from the chemicals we used previously, but the TREO product has been working a treat. No scale whatsoever.

    Cost wise the set monthly price works well for us. We know what we are spending each month. Great for budgeting.
    We were paying quite high prices with the company we were using previously. Using TREO products has saved us about 15% off our chemical costs. And the quality of results we are now getting are much better.  

    We were also attracted to the concentrated format of the product. It means less storage space taken up, and the 5ltr containers are much easier for our kitchen staff to lift.

    The products are clearly labelled and the wall charts and dispensing systems make it easy for our kitchen staff, some of which don’t have the best English. The dilution systems provided are easy to use and the kitchen hands use no where near as much product as they used to.

    Until now I’ve always had that headache where staff would hand pour chemicals which normally ends up wasting product. Some think that the more product the better the clean, but this is not the case. Controlling the use has been a real positive. It helps ensure our staff use the products correctly.





    Tim Varitimos, Manager
    Lighthouse Restaurant, Cleveland, Brisbane


    After using Kenco cleaning products and TREO chemicals for the past two and a half years in our family owned 400-seater restaurant, I have no problems in recommending Kenco for quality of chemicals and service they provide. 

    Being a family-run business for 20yrs we believe that using Kenco with their fixed price monthly chemical agreement has proved to be a more economical and assured way of dealing with these products.

    The TREO system works well for our budgeting, our dishwasher is clean and scale free, and the concentrates make storage much easier.

    It has been a problem free service for us in our business and we have found Kenco to be both professional and courteous. 

    Once again, I have no problem in recommending this company to other businesses.





    Michael Tickner, Executive Chef
    St Ursula's College , Toowoomba


    Hard water scale is a big problem in Toowoomba. When I initially spoke to Brett Kibble from Kenco in October 2008 he promised me a scale free dishwasher. I was sceptical. We did a trial of the TREO products and saw an almost immediate improvement.

    Prior to using the TREO products we had to work hard to keep scale at bay. Our staff would have to descale the dishwasher weekly. Taking us at least an hour each time. But with TREO we have had no scale in our dishwashers. The machine in general is in much better condition, it only needs a rinse out at the end of each day.

    This saves us a lot in labour. I recently had one guy spend close to six hours cleaning scale from our combie oven. I don’t have to worry about scale in our dishwashers any longer.

    Another aspect we like about Kenco’s TREO package is the consistency of servicing. We get the same service staff each time, so they know our equipment. They are also very attentive. We recently had another service agent from a catering supplies company out doing some work – he was unable to fix the problem. The guys from Kenco were in the next day and pick up the problem, sorting it out quite quickly. 

    The monthly fee system also works well for us. We know exactly how much we are going to spend on cleaning chemicals. I get one invoice, and one price per month to follow. I don’t have to check prices of individual products across lots of invoices. I know that any price rises due to increased use will be negotiated. It saves me time and hassles.






    Ricardo Dawson, Manager
    Breeze Cafe, Prince Charles Hospital, Brisbane


    Breeze Cafe is a busy cafe in the Prince Charles Hospital in Chermside, Brisbane. We have been using the TREO chemical products from Kenco for over four years. 

    I am pleased to recommend the TREO range of products from Kenco. The package represents very good value for money and the quality of products and servicing is excellent. Knowing our monthly spend up front is a major plus for us.

    Storage is a premium at our site. The high concentrates mean less storage space is required.  Because all products come in a 5 litre bottle when in use they can be stored off the floor in brackets attached to the wall, making it easier for cleaning.

    Additionally the service we receive from Kenco is great. They always ensure our dishwasher and the dispensing equipment are operating to their optimum. 




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