"Using TREO has saved us about 15% off our chemical costs..."

Paul Clarkson,
Indooroopilly Golf Club 
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"It's just one less thing I have to worry about. One monthly invoice for all our chemical needs."

Glenn Jones
CT's Catering
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"Using TREO products has saved us at least an hour per week descaling our dishwashers... with TREO we have had no scale in our dishwashers." 

Michael Tickner
St Ursula's College, Toowoomba.
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Free Report Offer

Obligation free onsite cleaning chemical review and report valued at $165 - includes dishwasher efficiency review. 
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    Is this you? Who TREO products are most suited to...

    We offer unique and innovative cleaning chemical packages for food service businesses and commercial kitchens.

    Our clients are looking for cost savings and are attracted to the idea of knowing exactly what their monthly spend on chemicals will be. They seek better performing products, and safe chemical options for their staff. Many of our clients are also interested in reducing their impact on the environment

    A majority of our customers are medium to large operations. If you currently spend over $400 per month on cleaning chemicals we can really help you gain efficiencies and/or cut costs. Having said that we also have options for clients that spend much less.

    We work with hotel groups, boarding schools, university canteens, mining camps, licensed clubs, restaurants and cafes, motels and accommodation properties. Most of these businesses are based in South East Queensland.

    We have been particularly proactive in helping solve common problems these clients face. Things like:

    • Replacing dangerous chemicals with equally efficient yet much safer options that aid their Workplace Health & Safety programs.
    • Reducing and capping their monthly chemical costs.
    • Saving on energy bills by improving the efficiency of their dishwashers by eliminating hard water scale.
    • Reducing the potential heath risks associated with hard water scale in dishwashers.
    • Reducing the risk of staff injury from heavy lifting by using super concentrates and small drum sizes.
    • Reducing the number of products they need to get desired results.
    • Helping ensure they do not tie up money in stock they may not need for months.
    • Cutting their waste management costs by reducing plastic drum packaging by 80%.
    • Advising on efficient cleaning practices that help overcome problems like: smelly drains, slippery floors; food particles on plates even though they have been washed.

    If what we have described fits your profile, you’re in the right place. We are here to help you and would love the opportunity to discuss with you how TREO can benefit your business. Please phone us on 1300 1300 34. Or you can read some more about how we work with our clients.


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