"We have been using Kenco's TREO range for over 4 years. Great products and excellent value."

Ricardo Dawson
Breeze Cafe, Prince Charles Hospital.

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"... we believe that using Kenco and their fixed price monthly chemical agreement has proved to be a more economical and assured way of dealing with these products."

Tim Varitimos
Lighthouse Restaurant,
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"Using TREO has saved us about 15% off our chemical costs..."

Paul Clarkson,
Indooroopilly Golf Club 
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Obligation free onsite cleaning chemical review and report valued at $165 - includes dishwasher efficiency review. 
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    How we work with our clients.

    There’s a feeling in the market that all chemical companies are the same. Wrong. We actually listen to your needs in order to create solutions that save you time, money and worries.

    Here’s our approach to meeting your needs:

    1. Initially we like to meet with you on your premises to discuss specific issues you want assistance with. That way you can show us the actual problem areas.

      For instance, a larger canteen on Brisbane’s south revealed that they were using two staff for up to 2 hours per week cleaning their dishwasher of hard water scale. By adopting our Treo Bio Safe system they have been able to keep their machine scale free, saving them many hours in labour.

    2. At the same time we will do a full review of the site to identify other areas where we may be able to help you save money and time via introducing more efficient cleaning products and practices.

      An example here being on a recent visit to a large hotel (700 covers on a bad day) we observed their conveyor dishwasher’s wash tank was regularly refilling, and the rinse section was taking 90 seconds longer than it should per rack. This was costing them a huge amount in wasted chemicals and hot water.

    3. From this we prepare a full report for your site detailing problem areas and how we can assist you in solving them.

    4. At our next meeting we review these, and then we discuss a product and servicing package for you. As part of this package we agree on a monthly fixed fee. It works in a similar manner to how a mobile phone or internet plan works (only we’re a little more flexible).

      Our monthly fixed fee packages provide you with a guaranteed monthly cost for an agreed schedule of core products. No nasty surprises at the end of the month. 

      We help keep your costs down by monitoring product usage back to an agreed monthly par level. This helps ensure that you don’t have money tied up in stock that you may not need for months.Great for groups with large amounts of money tied up in stock. Imagine the easy of only getting one monthly invoice for all of your properties.

      You will be provided with order quantity and fair use guidelines. Generally you would not order more than the par level at any one time. The par level provides you on average a little over one month’s worth of stock. Of course in busier months a top up order may be necessary for some of the higher use products.

      We have found fixing your prices – so you get one bill each month for an agreed fee – provides you with several important benefits:

      • Let’s face it; purchasing concentrates can be quite an outlay if you pay for them up front. Even more so if you consider that for some products you are buying many months worth of stock in the one small concentrated bottle (after all you are really buying a 20-25ltr drum less the water). Part of our philosophy is “why pay for stock in advance when you may not need it for months to come”. The fixed fee system spreads these costs out.
      • Don’t get us wrong concentrates are fantastic and we will strongly stand behind them as the most cost effective way to buy chemicals. So much so we guarantee that we can save you 10-15% off your chemical bills (that’s another story – see Cost Guarantee). Concentrates can be viewed as expensive per bottle especially if overused for some reason. The benefit to you of the fixed fees system is that we take on the risk of any overuse. As such it is in our best interests to keep equipment working efficiently – therefore you are assured of quality, regular service.
      • A fixed fee provides you with budget certainty.

      Our fixed fee arrangement gives you all the benefits associated with concentrates, while taking away the potential cost risks.

    5. Agreement formalised.
      Once we have agreed we get you to sign an agreement so we both know exactly what is expected from each other. Please be assured there is no nasty fine print here. We are about attracting and keeping happy customers NOT about trapping people into things they don’t want. The agreement is not a legal contract but rather a document that formalises what we have discussed and agreed upon.
    6. Install of our equipment and products usually takes a week from this point.

    7. To ensure your peace of mind we back up our products and services with our guarantees.

    8. As part of your package we provide you with regular maintenance calls from experienced service technicians. They not only maintain our dispensing equipment, but check that your dishwasher is running at its efficient best and is providing a satisfactory cleaning result.

    Phone 1300 1300 34       Fax (07) 3844 9095